Monday, November 7, 2011

The Great Gelfandini's All NBA Athlete Team

In the world of professional sports, just about everyone is a great athlete.   But, within this bubble of supreme manhood, lie a few individuals that are a little better than the rest.  These are the guys that are referred to as "Freaks" or "Animals."
They are the ones making sportscenter's Top 10 on a daily basis.  They are the ones little kids try to emulate.  Quite frankly, they are the best athletes.  So I am proud to present you with my All-Athlete team.  I will go sport by sport honoring the worlds best physical athletes.

Today, I start with the NBA.  Provided that this list of players didnt stop working out during the lockout, you will be seeing them posterizing slow centers and flying across the paint to swat floaters.

                                  The Usual Suspects

#1)- Lebron James-Before I start this, I want all of you to know that there is no one to hate on Lebron quicker than myself.  He is by far my least favorite player in the NBA and believe he is a wimp who cant handle adversity.  But thats a whole different story within itself.  That being said, Lebron James is the best athlete in the NBA and that is a fact.  I firmly believe he was created in a lab.  People are not supposed to be big and mobile.  Lebron somehow is both.  He is listed at 6'8, 250 pounds.  Thats like Ray Lewis growing 7 inches.  When Lebron catches the ball on the run, they might as well give him the bucket.  Hes simply too strong, too fast, and too big.  Besides, anytime you have a youtube video named after you baptizing someone you know your legit.

#2)-Derrick Rose- Take a closer look at this picture to the left.  D-Rose is approaching eye level with the rim.  I guess thats what a 40 inch vertical leap will do for you. Rose is quickly becoming impossible to guard.  Hes quicker than lighting but has the power to handle contact in the paint and finish at the rim.  When you put those qualities into a 6'3 point guard, defenders run away.  Rose's highlight reel of dunks goes on and on and on.

#3)-Blake Griffin-I think im still in shock and awe from what Blake Griffin did to the NBA this year.  He was down right vicious.  He went into every game thinking I want to dunk on everything.  Despite suffering an injury that kept him from playing his first year out of college, Blake took the NBA by storm in his rookie season.  In his 6'10 frame of pure muscle, Griffin plays with power.  If he catches the ball in the paint, hes looking to make one quick move and slam. Oh, and did I mention that he won the dunk contest?  

#4)-John Wall-I consider myself lucky to have seen John Wall play live.  The rookie sensation is the fatest coast to coast player in the league.  Hes a blur.  You may not be able to see it on TV, but John Wall is stupid fast.  Dont believe me? With a mere 2.1 seconds left in the first half in a game vs. the cavs, Wall managed to catch the inbounds pass and dunk as time expired. Or what about the time Wall went coast to coast in 6 seconds before the heat knew what happened.  The best part about Wall is that he can jump too.  A truly special athlete whose development I eagerly await.

Usual Suspects Honorable Mentions: Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook

Next up: All Athlete Team-NBA Unusual Suspects


  1. Where's the love for Superman?

  2. Interesting that you chose a pic of LBJ in a Cavs jersey!

  3. still waiting for the unusual suspects